Our Performance



+26% growth

ACV in core


+18% growth

ACV in emerging


+85% growth

Adjusted revenue


+15% growth

Adjusted EBITDA


+22% growth

37% margin

Adjusted Cash EBITDA


+55% growth

Adjusted Cash EBITDA Margin

48% vs 36% prior year



vs 5.0X prior year

Adjusted unlevered free cash flow


+54% growth and 94% cash conversion



Rancher Group and NeuVector

Message from our CEO

Amid a challenging macro environment, FY21 turned out to be a remarkable year for SUSE. We made two acquisitions and went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange — all while delivering strong financial results, giving back to the community and adding immeasurable value to our customers. None of this would have been possible without the trust and partnership with of our stakeholders.

Melissa Di Donato

Chief Executive Officer

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Purpose, values & culture

Our purpose We are open in our roots, open in our approach:We empower our customers to innovate everywhere Our vision Powering openinnovation everywhere Our visionarypeople Powered byour values Our community- inspired culture Our accountable leaders

Business model & strategy


How open source powers innovation

SUSE leverages code and software that comes from the upstream community, which its engineers further develop and refine to make more efficient and ready for deployment to enterprise customers.

This open source ethos creates a virtuous circle. SUSE leverages valuable contributions from the community which, in turn, allows it to build better, more stable, and more resilient products that benefit both SUSE's customers and the open source community.

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Our Strategy

At SUSE, we are on a mission to be the most innovative, trusted leader in providing open source solutions and technologies.

To ensure SUSE’s future is even brighter, we have charted a strategic path to become the global leader in open source software infrastructure. Our long-term strategy, strengthened by our core differentiators, will help us capitalize on ongoing digital transformation, supporting substantial growth.

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Pillar 1

Organic growth acceleration

We will grow our core enterprise-grade Linux solutions and emerging technologies by focusing on five growth levers:

  • Commercial excellence
  • Underserved markets
  • Accelerators
  • Cross-selling
  • New solutions including Edge initiatives

Progress in 2021:

We achieved significant growth in underserved markets, and the Rancher growth story continued with extremely successful cross-selling. We also set up dedicated teams to support the launch of our Edge offering and improve our pricing approach to better meet customer needs.


Our near-term focus is on continuing to grow in Business-critical Linux and Enterprise Container Management, plus capturing market share in Edge and winning in other ecosystems with the goal to extend our excellent support towards new customers and partners as they pursue digital transformation.

Pillar 2

Platform for inorganic expansion

In pursuing strategic acquisitions:
We seek to expand our existing product suite and add additional functionalities to increase the strength of our current offerings. We also seek acquisitions that are in line with our culture. If an acquired product is not open source, we would aim to turn it into an open source project and product.

Progress in 2021:

SUSE has 15 to 20 acquisition targets under review at any one time. The Rancher Group and NeuVector acquisitions were two successful acquisitions in FY21. As a result of the Rancher Group acquisition, we saw emerging growth increase in multi-year deals. Rancher‘s people have provided contributions to overall culture.


In the near term, we are particularly focused on security solutions for applications deployed at the Edge or in cloud-native environments. We are seeking tuck-in or bolt-on acquisitions which can be quickly integrated with SUSE‘s existing business.

Delivery on our strategy is enabled by

Our people

Our highly skilled workforce collaborates to innovate and ensures we are able to help our customers succeed.

Our core differentiators

We are unique in the market place for a number of reasons. One key differentiator is our open approach. Unlike our competitors we provide truly open and interoperable solutions, giving our customers the flexibility to leverage best-in-class solutions and technology.

Managing responsibly


Our ESG vision

Our vision is to drive real impact around societal and environmental topics of importance to our stakeholders. In order to execute our vision, we are focused on a combination of strong leadership, employee engagement and strategic partnerships.

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Risk Management

The internal control system and the risk management system that the Management Board oversees are designed to identify potential events that could negatively impact SUSE, its reputation and its financial performance.

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Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the system for managing and supervising a company. SUSE considers good corporate governance to be of utmost importance, an essential part of SUSE's culture and crucial to SUSE's long-term success.

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